Terms and Conditions (T&Cs)

This website is operated by HHD AG, S├Ągereistrasse 27, 8152 Glattbrugg, Switzerland. Solemar is a brand of HHD AG

Scope of application

Solemar provides services in the areas of marketing and electronic commerce. Solemar does not act as the supplier of holiday accommodation. It uses its website (www.solemar.com and its other domains) to publish information on holiday accommodation provided by the relevant supplier as well as to publish offers from other tourist service providers.

Use of the website Solemar is governed by the following provisions. The following also applies correspondingly to information which users may receive from us, for instance in the form of newsletters they may have subscribed to. Solemar is entitled to change these Terms and Conditions at any time. Such changes are binding.

By using Solemar's online services, either directly or indirectly, you declare yourself to be in agreement with these T&Cs. Should you not be in agreement with any of the following conditions, you are not authorised to use Solemar's online services in any way or manner.

Intellectual property and other rights

Solemar is the owner and the operator of this portal. All brands, names, titles, logos, pictures, designs, texts and other materials used in it are owned by a legal entity of the Migros Group or one of its contractual partners. Accessing, downloading or copying pages does not constitute the acquisition of any rights (usage, intellectual property rights etc.). Complete or partial reproduction of the portal, its forward transfer (electronically or via other means), its modification, linking it or using it for public or commercial purposes is prohibited without prior written permission.


Newsletters are only sent to users at their express request. Newsletter subscriptions may be cancelled at any time. Instructions how to do so can be found in the newsletters.

Exemption from liability

Solemar excludes liability (including negligence) for any damages that might arise from accessing or attempting to access the portal or any of its constituent components or using it in any way. Solemar reserves the right to suspend access to the entire Solemar Internet site or parts thereof for technical reasons or due to maintenance or updating without prior notice being given. Unrestricted access and use of the portal cannot be guaranteed.

The portal contains links to third party websites. Solemar neither operates nor supervises these sites. Solemar is not a supplier. Solemar merely gives other suppliers of holiday accommodation and other services the possibility of publishing their services on the Internet. All holiday accommodation and offers published on Solemar's website refer to the Internet pages and the general terms and conditions of the suppliers and providers of the services in question. Solemar disclaims all liability for the content (and in particular as regards completeness, usefulness, truth and validity, topicality, quality etc.) of the pages to which links are provided, and also disclaims liability for the operators' of these sites adherence to statutory data protection regulations. Solemar is not liable in the case of a legal dispute between a user and a provider from a site to which a link has been provided, no matter what the cause in law of such a dispute might be.

Every user is requested to check all information made available on Solemar's website and to use it on his/her own responsibility.

Data transfer via the Internet

The Internet is an open network, accessible to all, and hence cannot be deemed a safe environment. It is possible that data needed to make a booking or process a transaction is transmitted to foreign countries, including countries with less stringent data protection laws than Switzerland, even in cases where both sender and recipient are operating from within Switzerland. Solemar excludes liability for the security of any data while it is being transmitted via the Internet.

For purposes of repeat visitor identification, we install a cookie (a small file with configuration information) on the repeat visitor's computer. The data we obtain by doing this helps us evaluate the appeal of our website and allows us to improve its efficiency and content and to enhance user convenience. Most browsers are pre-installed for automatic cookie acceptance. Web browsers can, however, be set to reject all cookies. Cookies are essential to facilitate a successful Internet booking system. Neither our electronic check-list nor internal checking of booking data would be possible without them. You can also use our information services without cookies. And you can of course delete cookies from your hard drive at any time.

Legal relationship with the provider

When booking a property with a provider of holiday accommodation, the contractual agreement is solely between the user and the provider in question. The latter is the service provider, operating fully independently from Solemar. The user is obliged to accept the provider's general terms and conditions and terms of payment. Solemar can act as collecting agent (in the name and on the account the provider). This does not constitute liability on behalf of Solemar against the user.

Data protection

The user's personal data will be collected, stored and processed in accordance with Swiss data protection legislation. Data can be processed and used for marketing purposes. Data security is guaranteed. To facilitate processing of individual bookings, the personal data collected is passed on to the provider in question. The user gives his/her express agreement to this onward transmission of his/her data. Further to this, the data protection provisions of the individual providers apply.

Booking terms and conditions / Cancellations

The booking conditions and general terms and conditions of the relevant provider apply.

The cancellation terms and conditions of the relevant provider apply if a booking is cancelled.


The contract's text will be stored. You may store the general terms and conditions of business and readily look up them. For safety reasons your order's data are not available via internet. We keep these data in confidence according to our privacy policy.

Right of transferral

Solemar reserves the right to transfer the rights and obligations of these Terms and Conditions to third parties in their entirety or partially.

Applicable law/Place of jurisdiction

These Terms and Conditions as well as any legal disputes arising between the user and Solemar are governed by Swiss law. Law suits against Solemar can only be served in 8152 Glattbrugg, S├Ągereistr. 27.

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